Valdosta Daily Times

March 20, 2014

General Assembly: The last day

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — At the end of Tuesday’s legislative session, dozens of bills remained on the House and Senate floors, awaiting final disposition.

Today is the 40th legislative day and the Georgia General Assembly will have to pass the remaining bills by midnight tonight or they will have to be put aside until 2015.

Today is also known as “sine die” day, or “without day” in Latin, a common phrase used for the end of a session referring to the last day in a term without assigning a day for return. As 2014 is an election year, there will be new faces in the General Assembly and many familiar faces will be gone.

A number of high-profile and low-key measures are yet to be decided, from the controversial gun law and medical marijuana to which sections of highways will be named this year.

Election year is generally a fairly quiet one for the House and Senate, and few truly controversial issues were tackled. The budget was handled quickly without a lot of debate, and there weren’t many divisive issues that made top news.

Today is also the last day for our current local legislative delegation to serve together. Sen. Tim Golden is stepping down after 16 years of serving District 8, and with Rep. Ellis Black seeking Golden’s Senate seat, another new face will join the legislators on the House side in his stead. We thank them both for their service and commitment to this community and region in their current positions.