May 5, 2013

A tragic death

May 5, 2013 The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — As implausible, impossible, ridiculous, outlandish, and unbelievable as the circumstances that led to the death of Kendrick Johnson are, that doesn’t make them untrue. His death was tragic, senseless, and indescribably sad. But from all of the reports, all of the thousands of hours of investigative work, all of the intensive examinations, nothing has surfaced that in any way suggests this was anything but an accidental death.

Out of hundreds of interviews with students, no one mentioned foul play.

No one said KJ had enemies out to get him. By all accounts, he was a well-liked athlete, a good student and a nice young man.

It is never easy to hear about a teenager dying, regardless of how it happens. It is very difficult to understand how a healthy young man could go to school in the morning, and instead of coming home that afternoon, fall to his death and pass away in a horrific manner.  But that is what apparently happened.

As tragic as KJ’s death was, perhaps now that the official reports have come back, the community can come together and pray for his parents and family. Pray for his friends and fellow students. Pray for such a promising young life that ended far too early. Pray for peace and understanding. And most of all, pray for healing.

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