Valdosta Daily Times

October 14, 2012

Survivors: In their words

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — If you’ve been reading The Times’ series of profiles on women who have faced or are facing breast cancer, you have likely been moved by their stories, their courage and their insights.

A few observations in their own words on breast cancer.

— “Nothing beats a self examination. Know your body. If there’s a change, your body will know it. Listen to your body.”

— “I wanted my children, my girls especially, to know there isn’t a universal ideal for an outward appearance, but there is for inward character qualities. I was very thankful my boys were able to see their father demonstrate honoring our vows of ‘in sickness and health.’”

— “I think my determination and faith in God brought me through this cancer, and I hope the Lord will bless me to continue on. I pray every day. I don’t miss a day to give Him thanks for all He’s done for me. Without Him and my doctor, I would have never made it.”

— “It can happen any time. It does not discriminate. But it’s not a death sentence either.”

— “I just said, you know what, take them both. My chance of reoccurrence would be less.”

— “In the greatest country in the world, you ought to be able to get a mammogram.”

Today, The Times continues our focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with more insights, information and profiles. The Times plans to raise both awareness and funds to battle breast cancer through today’s special issue and in the continuing stories running throughout October.

Yet it has been the words of survivors and women facing breast cancer that have shown the real strength of the human spirit, the real possibilities of surviving, the real need to continue fighting against cancer.