Valdosta Daily Times

March 20, 2013

Congratulations Chief

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Although Brian Childress has been serving as the Valdosta police chief for nearly two weeks, today, the city will make it official in a special ceremony.

Anyone who knows him well or works with him understands his aversion to the limelight, always deflecting attention away from himself to recognize his officers and other agencies. Being the center of attention today will be a challenge for him, but one he will have to become more accustomed to as the leader of the city’s police force. As the chief, Childress’ responsibilities have changed from his days as a commander, and that responsibility includes being at the forefront of all investigations.

Having worked in departments throughout the VPD, Childress understands the daily routine as well as anybody, and he can empathize with officers handling difficult cases, juggling multiple responsibilities, working long hours, and still trying to maintain some normalcy in their lives.

Being a law-enforcement officer is not a job as much as it is a calling, and officers are either dedicated to their work or they find it doesn’t suit them and they leave to find less stressful, higher paying positions in other fields. Those who stay do so out of an innate sense of duty, honor, courage, and justice. Nothing is more important than upholding the law and keeping the community and its citizens safe from harm.

While there are times when men are promoted beyond their abilities, this is not the case today. Chief Childress earned this position through dedication, hard work, perseverance, and commitment. He understands what is expected and worked with former Chief Frank Simons to ensure a smooth transition for the department.

The Valdosta Police Department has a strong advocate in Childress, and the officers know that while they may not always agree with their new chief or his decisions, those decisions will be made honestly, fairly, and with integrity.

The department has been in good hands for 17 years, and that legacy is continuing today. Congratulations, Chief Childress. You earned it.