Valdosta Daily Times

July 27, 2013

Ready or not: Back to school

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Times’ online readers poll asked a simple question this past week: “With August comes the start of school. Does school start too early?”

A whopping 67 percent, representing 489 votes as of Friday morning, responded, Yes, school starts too early. About 15 percent, 111 votes, responded, No, it doesn’t start too early. Another 18 percent, representing 128 votes, opted to respond that school should be year-round.

No matter what readers think, ready or not, most South Georgia schools will be back in session within less than two weeks, by the first week of August.

If you’re uncertain when your child’s school returns, seek the Back to School special section in today’s paper editions of The Valdosta Daily Times. It is filled with information that will help parents and students return to school on time and prepared.

 School’s return means early morning and afternoon changes not only for students, parents, teachers and school staff. Back to school affects everyone.

It means early morning drivers should remember they will again be sharing the road with youngsters waiting at bus stops or walking to school. They will again be sharing the roads with school buses, school employees, parents rushing to drop off kids before going to work, and teenage drivers.

While they may rush in the mornings, many parents will no longer have to scramble seeking activities to fill their children’s days. Many, though, will share long evenings working on homework.

This means the end of vacations as not only do the youngsters return to school but adults re-dedicate themselves to their jobs, charities, events, sports and activities that arise during the coming of late summer and fall.

But mostly the return to school means a renewal of a promise. Education is the key to both an individual’s and a society’s future.

School is a promise to ready young people for the challenges of tomorrow.

This promise is a two-way street. Schools must prepare our students but students must be willing to learn.

Parents can help broker this deal. They can hold high expectations of teachers while holding high expectations for their children.

The coming days shouldn’t just mean a return to school for the youngsters in a household. It should mark back to school for the entire family ... ready or not.