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November 15, 2012

An un-merry early Christmas

VALDOSTA — Seems to be a different war on Christmas this year.

Not one where anyone is opposed to the holiday or hopes to substitute the word Christmas with Winter Festival.

No, this one seems to be a desire by some to simply keep Christmas where it belongs as the season that comes after Thanksgiving, not before Thanksgiving, or even before Halloween.

Our ongoing Readers Poll on asks, which is it too early for? Christmas before Thanksgiving, 2016 presidential candidate, or both. As of early Wednesday, 47 readers answered that it’s too early for Christmas before Thanksgiving, 54 voted too early for 2016 presidential candidates, 210 answered both.

Granted, we didn’t provide a spot for people who favor celebrating Christmas. Indeed, even Charles Dickens noted that his famous Scrooge upon being transformed celebrated each day with Christmas in his heart. Dickens did not say, however, that Scrooge celebrated the first of November with a Christmas tree by his hearth.

Stores opened Christmas sections weeks ago. Some folks have already decorated Christmas trees in their homes. But it seems for every person who has posted a photo of their Christmas tree on Facebook, there are 10 people who have posted a cartoon of Tom Turkey pushing Santa out of the photo with the turkey proclaiming, It’s my turn first!

Meanwhile, even though an early Thanksgiving gives everyone an extra week for Christmas shopping this year, several stores have decided that’s just not enough. Some stores will open Thanksgiving Day to give shoppers the opportunity to shop for Christmas presents while digesting the T-Day meal. Black Friday is now eating into Thanksgiving Thursday. You would think stores would remember their employees also have families. As if being awake, up and at the store in the middle of the night after Thanksgiving wasn’t bad enough, these employees will now miss being at home with families on Thanksgiving … that smacks more of bah, humbug rather than Merry Christmas.

But, like it or not, the hysteria of Christmas is here. The real meaning of the holiday is a little more humble and far greater.

Still, we can’t help but find it ironic that we have moved to a world where the day set aside to be thankful for what we already have is being lost to a desire to have even more.

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