Valdosta Daily Times

January 26, 2013

Collection centers enter last week

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — If you have a junk room that needs cleared, or some items you’ve long considered clutter, and you have a permit to a Lowndes County collection/recycling center, you may want to handle these tasks in the coming days.

More importantly, if you’re a Lowndes County resident and haven’t already contacted Advanced Disposal regarding curbside trash pickup, you should do so this week also.

Why? Because this is the last week that the collection/recycling centers will be open. Come February, Lowndes County will be out of the trash and refuse collection business.

The centers have been a success in terms of keeping the county clean. People regularly line up at the several center locations to drop off household trash, recyclable materials, yard waste and other items. At first, the centers were open to any Lowndes County resident wanting to dump items, then they were open to residents living in Lowndes’ unincorporated areas. A few years ago, Lowndes County officials began selling passes; you had to have purchased a pass to use the collection sites.

Yet, even with the passes, the sites remained unsuccessful in terms of being cost efficient, according to the county. Lowndes County officials report the centers and their operation annually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to revenue generated by the passes.

So, Lowndes County enters the last week of collection/recycling sites. Judging from police scanner traffic this past week, the county appears to already be cracking down on illegal dumping. On just one day, The Times monitored several calls of officials working cases of illegal dumping. Anyone caught illegally dumping trash faces fines and penalties.

People planning to burn items need to know that it is illegal to burn trash and those planning to burn yard waste must acquire a free burn permit from the county.

The coming weeks will be adjustments for many people who have long utilized the collection centers for trash, recyclables, junk and yard waste. But other South Georgia counties have successfully made the move to countywide curbside service. Lowndes County should be able to do the same.

Nonetheless, if you have junk, this is the week to get it to the dump.