Valdosta Daily Times

January 16, 2013

Blood donors needed

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Kudos to The Mix for hosting a blood drive this week, as holidays are the most difficult times for the Red Cross to recruit donors.

January is National Blood Donor Month and this is the perfect time to become one or continue your pattern of donation. The shortage right now is critical for Type O, particularly O negative and for B negative as well, so if you are an eligible donor, please consider visiting the Red Cross donor center this week.

Blood is always needed for emergencies, from car accidents to treatment for various medical conditions. With a relatively short shelf life, the supply must be replenished continuously in order to have a ready reserve.

In recent years, various large scale catastrophes such as the tornado outbreaks in the Midwest seriously depleted the nation’s supplies and tested the limits of the Red Cross’s ability to respond to natural disasters. But because the organization is well prepared at all times, they had enough on hand to handle the emergencies and blood donors came forward to help the Red Cross through the crisis times.

Not everyone can give blood, as there are limitations for those who have had certain illnesses or who have lived in certain areas of the world, so you if you aren’t sure, you can go online to check the list of critieria. If you can’t donate blood, you can donate time or give monetary donations to assist the Red Cross with their other missions, which include helping families in the event of personal emergencies such as house fires, and in the work they do around the world.

The Mix owners found a unique way to give back to the Red Cross by hosting the blood drive after they were helped following a house fire. If you’ve received blood, or other assistance, perhaps there is a way you can help, too. You never know whose life might be saved through your donation.

American Red Cross Blood Services is located at 2517 Bemiss Road. More information: Call (229) 241-1141.