Valdosta Daily Times

June 15, 2013

Happy Father’s Day

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — He beamed with pride on our birth. He understood worry upon our birth. He is the giant by which we would judge all men. He protected us. He provided for us. He often sacrificed time with us to provide for us. He spent time with us.

He explained the world. He showed us how to change a tire and the oil. He tossed a ball with us. He was there for our ball games and dance recitals.

He sat quietly with us in good times and bad times. He often said the right thing with a few words. He carried us on our shoulders.

He carried us so we could fly like Superman while all the time we believed he was really Superman. He didn’t always seem so super though when we were teens.

He put us through school when he was likely tempted to put us through a wall. He stood up for us. He mellowed with age. He encouraged us.

He taught us as much with the words, “I’m disappointed in you,” when we did wrong as he did with the words, “I’m proud of you,” when we did right.

He showed us right from wrong. He lived the principle of a full day’s work. He loved us through his actions whether he could say it or not.

No matter how you say it, Pa, Dad, Daddy, Father. Happy Father’s Day.