Valdosta Daily Times

June 22, 2013

Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Thumbs Up: To the new superintendent in Brooks County, Dr. Owen Clemmons. The school system in Brooks has been in a tumultuous situation in recent years, and the new superintendent will need the support of the community in order to help the system grow and the students succeed.

Thumbs Up: To all of the law enforcement officers involved in the high speed pursuit on Thursday. The driver of the vehicle was putting his life, his passenger’s lives, and the lives of others on the highways in danger. To see the rapid and intense response in support of the initial officer involved is a sign that when there is a dangerous situation in Lowndes County, our law enforcement officials will respond quickly and in force to resolve it as safely as possible. Although the pursuit ended in a horrific accident, thankfully, no one was killed and these men have been taken off the streets for now.

Thumbs Down: To drivers who insist on not using side roads or the detour around the Hill Avenue construction area.

If the Department of Transportation can keep that area clear enough of conjestion and traffic, the job will be finished in half the time. It’s worth a few months of aggravation to have the overpass constructed sooner.

There are many ways around the closed area that take the same amount of time or less, so there is no reason for drivers to ignore the signage and risk being ticketed for non-compliance.

Thumbs Up: To the many volunteers and coaches who are working with the various sports teams around the community. From the teams who have moved on to tournament level play to the teams who are not quite yet at that level, it’s wonderful that the youth of our community have so many opportunities to learn and participate.