May 5, 2013

Brown Bag Concerts return

May 5, 2013 The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The annual Brown Bag Concert Series is always an enjoyable way to hear some of the region’s talented musicians.

The series is a great break from work. It’s a fun time to meet friends and chat. Or to drop by and listen to the music. It’s a great break for lunch or to just drop by and sit a spell.

With local music groups such as Loomis Orange, Monday; 41 South, Tuesday; Trailer of Tears, Wednesday; Jack Rabbit Slim, Thursday; Too North, Friday, the series demonstrates the versatility of area bands.

Several years ago, when these concerts first started, it seemed the Brown Bag Concert Series was one of the few things that attracted people to visit Downtown Valdosta.

That is no longer true.

There are First Fridays, Farm Days, Theatre Guild shows, etc. This week, people will continue visiting downtown to shop at its stores, eat at its restaurants, enjoy a drink and a visit with friends, and conduct business.

For anyone who recalls the mostly deserted Downtown Valdosta of the late 1980s through 1990s, the 21st century Downtown Valdosta is a completely different and far more active animal.

The Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series became a part of downtown nearly 20 years ago back when little else took a chance on it. Now, the series continues being a wonderful annual tradition, rolling up the best of Valdosta into a week-long, lunchtime event: Good music, good food, good location, and good friends.

All in the heart of Valdosta.

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