Valdosta Daily Times

January 31, 2014

The time we’re given

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — If you’ve heard it once, you have likely heard it a dozen times this week. Expect to hear it even more today.

Can you believe it’s the end of January already?

Didn’t we just say Happy New Year? Didn’t we just open Christmas presents?

Yet, here we are, Jan. 31. The first month of 2014 already coming to a close, and a new month coming Saturday.

Not only have many people’s resolutions already come to an end, but many of us likely can’t recall what we were so resolved to do. The Happy New Year greeting has been put away, because after all, we’re already a month into the year.

And so here we find ourselves saying, Can you believe it’s the end of January already?

Yes. Because time goes far too quickly.

The days pass, the weeks, the months, the


They are swift and we must take note of the old adage that time waits for no one.

So, instead of huffing in exasperation that the past month has passed so quickly, take a moment, take a breath, wish friends well, hug your family, do your job well, live life fully. Make Jan. 31 the date that you cared less about the passing of time and more about how you spend the time you’ve been given.