Valdosta Daily Times

October 11, 2012

Garbage pickup: Hold the trash talk

Staff Writer
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — On Tuesday, Lowndes County commissioners approved a new solid-waste plan that offers all county residents curb-side service come the new year.

If the plan is as good as it sounds, this should be a beneficial move for both the county as governing entity and for Lowndes County residents.

The approved plan addresses many residents’ long-standing concerns about replacing the solid-waste collection sites with commercial pickup.

Some county residents pay for both commercial pickup for household trash and buy the county’s dump permit for yard waste, junk and other items. They do this because commercial pickup has not included routine yard-waste removal in the county. The approved plan will include pickup of yard waste, bulk items and recycling every other week. Regular household waste will be picked up every week.

This service is also reasonably priced. It will be less expensive for households that have used both curbside service and a county pass for the sanitation collection sites.

It will cost a little more for households that have used the county pass for all waste, including regular household garbage. But curb service should mean less hassle carrying trash bags to the collection sites. It will also mean less gas money spent taking items to the collection sites.

Meanwhile, Lowndes County Commission should save tax dollars with this new plan. Even with the $100 passes, the county has long lost thousands of dollars keeping the collection sites open.

Is the approved plan going to make everyone happy? Probably not. Will there be some kinks in the initial start-up? Probably so.

But does it save the county money and address many of the concerns voiced by residents? It certainly sounds like it will.

Some folks will want to talk trash about this new plan, but it certainly sounds like it deserves a shot at success.