Valdosta Daily Times

October 27, 2013

Thank you, teachers

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Themed “Celebrating Excellence in Education,” the region will host its first teacher of the year banquet this week. It will honor all teachers of the year from the Lowndes County and Valdosta school systems.

“The goal for the inaugural event is simple: to celebrate, honor and support our public school educators in the Lowndes County and Valdosta City School Systems,” said Eric Johnson, a member of the Valdosta North Rotary Club, which sponsors this new event.

Both system-wide teachers of the year and each school’s teacher of the year will be honored during the event.

Tuesday evening’s keynote speaker will be educator and best-selling author Ron Clark. Proceeds from the banquet will be divided between the city and county school systems.

Johnson developed the teachers-banquet concept. He was inspired by the area law-enforcement appreciation dinner that pays tribute to police and deputies while raising funds to help officers in emergency financial situations. Johnson felt something similar should be done for teachers and their schools.

Indeed. Teachers mold not only the minds of area youngsters. Teachers shape young people’s lives. They till the cognitive fields for a lifetime of learning.

They not only prepare children for tests on math or spelling but ready them for the tests they will face one day, each day, as adults.  

Many teachers have devoted their lives to this mission.

Judging from the response, the teacher appreciation dinner will likely become an annual event. Hopefully so. We don’t tell our teachers thank you nearly enough.