Valdosta Daily Times

August 21, 2013

Be aware of possible flooding

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Seems we’ve written these words far too often this year, but as more rain falls and waters rise, they bear repeating.

Motorists should not travel across flooded roads, streets or bridges. Standing water could hide major damage to the infrastructure; take precautions and avoid flooded areas.

We’ve all seen video from flooded areas in other parts of the country where a car attempts to cross a roadway flush with rushing water. The car becomes stalled, stuck in the rising waters, as the occupants clamber out of windows, climbing on top of the vehicle, as rescue workers try saving them.

It’s not supposed to become that dangerous in our area, but with more rains following, it’s advice worth heeding.

If you come across what is normally a familiar roadway that is covered in water, stop, and turn around. Either find a different route to your destination, or go home.

If it is an emergency, call 911 or other officials for aid. Do not cross that roadway. If it is covered in water, it is no longer that familiar road you drive everyday. It is a potential threat and should be treated as such.

If you cannot make it to work or school or any other activity, it’s better to stay home than travel into uncertain and dangerous conditions.

If you feel your safety is jeopardized by travel, stay home. We would ask employers, schools and other organizations to be understanding. Better to have a person miss a day of work or school than enter a situation that may have them missing from so much more.