Valdosta Daily Times

August 19, 2013

Another Amazing Day of Caring

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Some may wonder how what sounds like a game helps United Way agencies during this year’s Day of Caring.

But anyone who has participated or witnessed the past two year’s Days of Caring already knows that the “Amazing Race” approach is fun, informative and helped numerous agencies.

For many years, Day of Caring volunteers spent a few hours doing everything from taking inventory, filing, cleaning, building and performing other tasks to help the agencies within the Greater Valdosta United Way. While these events helped the agencies handle some extra chores, it only exposed a volunteer to one agency.

With the “Amazing Race”-style Day of Caring scheduled for this Friday morning, Aug. 23, volunteer teams will race from one agency to another performing tasks in hopes of winning a trophy.

But each team will also walk away from the event having done some small task to help several of the Greater Valdosta United Way’s agencies. Each volunteer will have a better understanding of not just one agency, but several agencies.

In turn, these volunteers can better share with others what these agencies face each day, what they need, and how they help people throughout our community.

With the Greater Valdosta United Way’s annual campaign kicking off with the Day of Caring, this insight may bring more funding to the United Way, which means more funding for all of its organizations.

As more people need the services of these participating agencies, the United Way needs as much help as each of us can spare.

More information on the Day of Caring and the United Way’s prom scheduled for this Saturday evening, Aug. 24, visit