Valdosta Daily Times

December 20, 2012

Only five days left

Staff Writer
The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Christmas is right around the corner, and for those not yet finished with their shopping, there are only five days left to find those perfect gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Fortunately, Valdosta has a tremendous wealth of retail opportunities for those last-minute gifts, and you never know what you might find in the stores this late.

Some have replenished supplies of hot items that sold out quickly and this is a good time to go bargain hunting.

Today’s paper features a number of advertising inserts that include your favorite local stores, and highlight all those great deals that can be had in the last few days before Christmas.

And while you are out shopping, remember that the stores will be crowded, many will have long lines, and impatient customers only make things worse for everyone, sales clerks and customers alike. You’re the one who waited until the last minute to shop so don’t blame others for doing the same thing. Expect long lines, lots of traffic, and irritable individuals and you will be pleasantly surprised if there aren’t.

Remember Valdosta retailers this weekend, remember all the small businesses downtown and in the small strip centers, and wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas. You may make the day brighter for others and for yourself while you are hunting those last-minute gifts.