November 13, 2013

Good luck in the playoffs

November 13, 2013 The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Seems like it just got started but, already, the regular season of high school football has come and gone as we enter playoffs this weekend.

Both Lowndes High School Vikings and Valdosta High Wildcats join other regional teams in securing playoff spots.

Locally, both the Wildcats and Vikings would like to add another gem to the luster of our TitleTown reputation.

But we’re not quite there yet.

Each team deserves its fan support this week and hopefully in the coming weeks.

One way or the other, show your support for your team. It is sometimes easy to remember to show our pride and support during a winning season, but we should remember to show our faith in our local boys no matter the score at game’s end.

Each team has given its all once again. Each team has played the game of champions.

Let’s hope the regular season’s wins translate into championship seasons by year’s end.

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