Valdosta Daily Times

November 3, 2013

Vote Tuesday

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Citizens of a community have the obligation to be active participants in that community’s governance. Citizens step up to run for office, serve on community boards, volunteer, abide the law and act responsibly. But one of the most essential aspects of being a good citizen is exercising the right to vote.

While white males have always had the right to vote in America, minority groups and women fought long and hard to gain that right. So why doesn’t everyone over the age of 18 who is eligible to vote do so?

We have to exercise body parts to keep ourselves in good condition.

The saying is ‘use it or lose it’. Americans may not be in jeopardy, yet, of losing their right to vote, but the apathetic attitude so many have is just as much of a threat.

Locally, there are essential races in municipal elections and in the county SPLOST vote. Mayors, council positions, school board members all hinge on this election, but also the future of our county does as well.

Regardless of how taxpayers may feel about the past, about how and why the Valdosta sewer system got in such disrepair, about how the previous SPLOST dollars were spent, and about having to now spend millions to fix the issues, the sewage plant has to be relocated and rebuilt and repaired. And regardless of taxpayer opinion, the citizens of this community will be paying for it, one way or another.

So go Tuesday, vote your conscience for your candidates, make wise choices, and cast your ballot for SPLOST VII.  Get involved in your community. Exercise your rights.