Valdosta Daily Times

April 18, 2013

Series offers disaster preparation

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — If disaster strikes, are you prepared?

Flood, storm, tornado, hurricane. Do you have what you and your family would need to confront any natural disaster? Does your family have a meeting place if various family members are away from home but a disaster keeps you and them from returning to your neighborhood? Do you have everything you need to face the possibility of property damage or potential injury following a disaster?

How about your community? Is it prepared? Does it have the means to alert you that a disaster threat is imminent? Does the community have suitable plans in place to respond to a natural disaster? Does your employer have a disaster plan in place?

Starting this weekend, on Saturdays’ front pages and online at, for the next five weeks, The Times presents a comprehensive series on disaster preparedness, disaster costs, lessons learned from previous disasters, disaster warning signs, and facing a disaster.

In addition to local stories and photos for South Georgia, CNHI, The Times’ parent company, shares stories, information and images from areas across the nation that should inform and help prepare any region for the worst.

This combination should offer strong stories and must-know information but it may also allow our community to compare how we measure against other communities profiled in this series.

By the series’ end on Saturday, May 18, our readers will hopefully be better equipped to answer the question: Are you prepared?