Valdosta Daily Times

July 25, 2013

Shop locally whenever possible

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — It’s a truism that people like to do business with people who do business with them. A fairly simple and straightforward truism, but one that all too often is forgotten.

Discussions in the Rant and Raves recently have centered on the fact that there are some in this community who only come into local businesses with their hand out, usually requesting a donation for a cause or a group. But when it comes time to purchase items that store sells, these same people don’t come in with cash in their hands. They shop elsewhere. Doesn’t matter if they are going out of town or on-line. The point is they’re not keeping their money in the local economy.

The benefits of shopping locally far outweigh any perceived benefits of shopping out of town, as the dollars you spend here, stay here. They pay salaries, taxes, and keep individuals in business.

With the sales tax holiday swiftly approaching in two weeks, Aug. 9-10, the temptation to go to Atlanta or Macon to shop will be overwhelming for some. But it’s a great opportunity to show your local merchants how much you value their business. Clothing items less than $100 per item, including athletic gear, along with purchases of up to $1,000 on personal computers and accessories, create a terrific opportunity for the local community to support the local community.

What goes around comes around. So the next time you are out hunting for items for a silent auction, or a donation, or services from a local business, remember that if you don’t do business with them, they’re perfectly justified in turning you down, regardless of the merits of the solicitation.

People do business with people who do business with them.

It’s simple. Keep your dollars local and your community will benefit.