Valdosta Daily Times

January 31, 2013

A winning Super Bowl plan

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — As of Wednesday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens had squeaked past the San Francisco 49ers in The Times weekly online question. Posted on, the question asks, Who’s your favorite team for the Super Bowl?

The poll continues through Saturday, but as of mid-afternoon Wednesday, 26 percent of respondents favored the Ravens while 22 percent favored the 49ers.

But the majority of respondents at 213 votes, or 53 percent, chose the third option: “Don’t care. My team lost.”

Despite that overwhelming show of apathy, experience shows that many people who could care less for either team will still tune into the Super Bowl.

That likelihood increases if there’s an invitation to a Super Bowl party. After all, a person may not like either team but they may like the opportunity/excuse the Super Bowl provides for hanging out with friends on a Sunday.

That means a lot of folks may be out on the road before and after the game Sunday night.

If a person plans to attend a party and drink have a designated driver.

If a person is throwing a Super Bowl party, and is serving alcoholic beverages, provide plenty of alternative non-alcoholic drinks, plenty of food, and keep an eye on the guests. By game’s end, hosts should be prepared to call a cab for a guest who’s had too much to drink, offer guests a ride home if the host is sober, or plan to give guests a place to sleep until morning.

The majority of people may say they do not care who wins the game, but we should all care about people being safe and smart during the Super Bowl.