Valdosta Daily Times

March 30, 2013

Birds of a feather

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — People share common bonds, interests, hobbies, and tastes, despite having little to nothing else that would bring them together otherwise. Sometimes friendships are made through church, school, neighborhoods, or family ties. Other times friendships develop from shared passions and interests, such as gaming, sports, or music. Very different people can share a great deal in common, and it is these ties that the Times sought to highlight in the annual Yearbook edition.

Today, you will find dozens of stories highlighting various individuals and groups around the community, beginning with our front page story of two men who grew up together on one continent, were educated on another, lost track when each moved to different continents, before meeting up 21 years later in Valdosta.

Other stories highlight groups who share a passion for playing music, or performing in plays, or through volunteer efforts, or from shared tastes, or shared sports. Their stories are at times inspirational, funny, touching, and unique, but all are equally interesting to read.

The Valdosta area is blessed with a diverse population of individuals who are fortunate to have found others who share their interests and passions. It is this diversity and uniqueness which separates our area from others, and helps to imbue the community with the kind of life spark that people flock to find.

We are all birds of a feather in sharing a commitment and passion for this area that we all call home.