Valdosta Daily Times

March 23, 2014

Rodeo Lake Park brings the cowboy way

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — There’s something about the farm spirit and the cowboy way. They are stitched into our nation’s ethos and its mythology. The idea of hard-fought independence. The proposition of standing on your own but always ready to stand for your neighbors.

These traditions come together this week as the Lake Park Chamber of Commerce hosts a rodeo featuring the Bo Campbell Rodeo Productions at Raisin’ Cane.

Raisin’ Cane is an agri-tourism site that focuses on regional produce, agricultural traditions, seasonal changes — all within a fun, family atmosphere. The ideal spot for a rodeo.  

Rodeo Lake Park kicked off this past weekend with a parade through Downtown Lake Park this past Saturday and a barn dance at Raisin’ Cane. A Rodeo Queen Pageant is scheduled for Thursday, March 27, with four categories by age: 6 and under (Tiny Miss), 7 through 9 (Little Miss), 10-12 (Junior Rodeo Queen) and 13-19 (Rodeo Queen). Contestants must submit a written essay, take part in an interview and demonstrate their riding skills.

The rodeo takes place March 28 and 29, and it will feature the cowboy traditions of riding, roping and steer wrestling sponsored by Bo Campbell who has been organizing rodeos for the past 30 years across the United States.

The Lake Park Chamber of Commerce and the community have worked hard to prepare for these events, to welcome the rodeo. This cooperation should be evident as activities unfold this week.

But it is an incident from last week that reveals the depth of the area’s cooperation, or folks working together and helping one another.

The weekend before last, swift winds and heavy rain knocked off a portion of a wall on Raisin’ Cane’s greenhouse. Folks came together and took care of the wall. As Raisin’ Cane noted on its Facebook site: “Farmers are always on call.”

That’s the farm spirit. That’s the cowboy way.