Valdosta Daily Times

March 15, 2014

May the best candidates win

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — The vacancy left by state Sen. Tim Golden to not seek reelection spurred a flurry of candidate qualifying during the past two weeks.

Candidates withdrew from their respective races to seek Golden's office — one official even resigned from his elected seat to run for another office, which led to a domino effect of political vacancies caused by others seeking to fill the offices being vacated by the candidates seeking other offices.

Meanwhile, the switches led to qualifying being extended from the scheduled session last week to this week, with qualifying also for a special election to complete the unfinished term of the candidate who dropped out of one office to run for another, all of which led several newcomers to also seek office.

In effect, Lowndes County now has a crowded field of candidates.

In the two months between now and the May 20 primary/special election, the public will learn more about the candidates as they meet voters. The Times will provide more information about each candidate as the election draws closer. There will likely be rallies, debates and other chances to get to know the candidates and their positions in issues that affect Lowndes County and South Georgia.

Hopefully, these candidates will not introduce dirty politics into the campaign. Hopefully, they will stick to the issues important to our region and not resort to the negative-campaigning style of national politics.

We will be better served if candidates and constituents remember that each candidate is a neighbor and that each in his or her own way wants what's best for the region. It is up to the voters to decide which persons will be best for Lowndes County and South Georgia.