Valdosta Daily Times

February 15, 2013

Thumbs up

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — THUMBS UP: To Valdosta State University Blazers pitcher Nick Fogarty. Last weekend, Fogarty pitched a perfect game against Paine College. It is only the second time a VSU pitcher has pitched a perfect game in the school’s history; the last time came more than 40 years ago. Fogarty and the Blazers final score: 12-0.

THUMBS UP: To Lowndes County Probate Judge Terri Adams for making the annual Valentine’s Day weddings at the courthouse a special event for the newlyweds. This year, Adams presided over the Valentine nuptials of 15 couples. Adams even postponed vacation time to ensure she could officiate the Valentine’s Day weddings.

THUMBS UP: To Jeff Stewart and another              successful year for the Father-Daughter Dance. He started the dance nearly 20 years ago so he could spend time with his two daughters and show them how they should one day expect to be treated on a date. The idea caught on. The dance’s four sessions attracted hundreds of fathers and daughters last weekend.