Valdosta Daily Times

December 18, 2013

Operation Zero Tolerance underway

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The annual holiday campaign of Operation Zero Tolerance has begun in Georgia, with increased numbers of law enforcement on the roadways to discourage drunk drivers through the New Year’s holiday.

The state Department of Highway Safety wants to make sure motorists understand that state and local law enforcement are already on the lookout for drivers who exceed the legal blood alcohol limit, and there will be harsh consequences for impaired drivers.

According to the DHS, between Nov. 20 and Dec. 31, 2012, there were 1,119 alcohol-related crashes, which is up from 997 in 2011 and 836 in 2010. Those crashes in 2012 resulted in 679 injuries and 20 deaths.

While everyone is out celebrating the holiday season, the DHS and law enforcement want to ensure that motorists are being smart and not getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking.

In the Zero Tolerance campaign, if you are pulled over and intoxicated, you will be arrested and taken to jail, in addition to receiving a number of fines and suffering repercussions from a drunk-driving offense.

While ‘tis the season to be jolly, tis not the season to be stupid. If you’re drinking, don’t drive. Call a friend, a taxi, have a designated driver with you, but do not get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The life you save may be your own.