Valdosta Daily Times

January 31, 2014

Thumbs up

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — THUMBS UP: To the people who answered a call for more bedding, blankets, pillows, etc., for the Salvation Army emergency shelter. The shelter regularly has nine beds for people in need each night. With recent cold spells, the Salvation Army has prepared room for as many as 15 people. With the past week’s severe winter weather forecast, the Salvation Army made room for more people, but needed the additional bedding to provide adequate housing. It’s a reminder of how much the Salvation Army does for the community throughout the year.

THUMBS UP: To area American Red Cross volunteers. While many people were hunkering down for the possibility of sleet and frozen roads Wednesday morning, Red Cross volunteers Bill and Chris Staples responded to a Valdosta house fire to offer aid to families affected by the blaze. Red Cross volunteers regularly respond to help area fire families night and day throughout the region.

THUMBS UP: To city and county road crews throughout South Georgia for keeping bridges and roads safe during the wintry blast last week.

THUMBS DOWN: To the folks both near and far who failed to understand the significance of possible winter weather for the South. Yes, compared to our American cousins in the north, where snow accumulations can be measured by several inches or even by feet, a “wintry mix” forecast seems silly. Yet, in the South, where even dipping to freezing temperatures is a rare occurrence, the forecast of potential ice and snow has the potential for dire consequences. There are no salt trucks, no plows, and few drivers with experience driving in such conditions. A wintry mix here is a recipe for trouble.

THUMBS UP: To the South Georgia Regional Library for replacing 19 computers in its Valdosta-Lowndes County Library branch. Numerous people use these computers daily. These new computers will ensure these folks have continued access to information both near and far.