Valdosta Daily Times

July 10, 2013

Mourning the Brooks tragedy

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Why must young people die? As long as people have been asking that question, there’s never been a satisfactory answer. And people have been asking that question since the beginning of time.

It is a question many people asked Tuesday as three high school students, Brooks High football players, were killed and a fourth critically injured in a car wreck. Today, and for a long time to come, many will seek an answer to that question.

People will say it is God’s will, that bad things happen to good people, that it may have been fate, that accidents happen ... None of these answers seems good enough.

We come to believe that our children will bury us, so we find it unfathomable that sometimes parents and grandparents must bury their children. It is mournful to comprehend that these young people will always be youngsters in our memories. That they will never see graduation, marry, have children, and pursue all of the undertakings of a long life.

We lament their loss. We will grieve their absence. But we also mourn what might have been, but sadly, cannot be.

There is no answer to why young people die. Trying to make sense of such tragedy can be futile.

All we can do is reach out to one another, family to family, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, community to community, reach out, weep together, embrace one another, give each other strength, and hold on, hold on, hold on tight. There, together, may we find some solace in the whispers of our prayers.