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May 15, 2014

Reading summer’s future

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Summer break is coming faster than some parents may realize. By the end of next week, school’s out for summer.

Now, summer should be a time for swimming, playing, camping, trips, pursuing interests and fun for youngsters taking a break from the school year. It should be a time to recharge their batteries.

Yet, summer should not be an excuse to completely ignore what was learned throughout the school year. Summer should not be a time for youngsters’ thinking skills to become rusty before the start of the next school year.

South Georgia has a multitude of opportunities for youngsters to have fun this summer while keeping their brains exercised. From the theatre to library summer reading programs to courses at Valdosta State University Continuing Education to summer camps and more.

South Georgia offers a variety of camps, programs, courses on a variety of subjects and more to not only keep kids busy this summer but to keep their minds active. Many of these programs offer scholarships for families that cannot afford the regular registration fee.

And there is always summer reading.

Reading is the way to keep the brain stimulated and active throughout the summer weeks.

Sure, some schools stipulate reading assignments for the summer but, mostly, during the summer break, youngsters have the freedom to read whatever they want.

That freedom coupled with opportunity can lead to youngsters developing a love for reading. They can discover that reading can be both informative and fun. Reading can take them on adventures, and these adventures in reading can develop the cognitive skills to help a youngster better understand all school subjects and better cope with life.

Through a balanced selection of area programs, reading, vacations, and fun, summer can be a time of adventure for youngsters, physically, spiritually, and academically.

Some places offering Summer porgrams

• Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts

• Boys & Girls Club

• Little Actors Theatre

• South Georgia Regional Library

• Valdosta-Lowndes Recreation, Parks &

Community Affairs

• VSU Continuing Education

• Wiregrass Georgia Technical College