Valdosta Daily Times

February 21, 2013

Appreciation for those who protect and serve

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — When the Valdosta Rotary Club began the Law Enforcement Appreciation dinner six years ago, it was with an altruistic eye towards recognizing officers for their service as well as to raise money to assist officers in need.

The dinner has exceeded expectations and has continued to grow each year.

As a result of the event’s success, today, if an officer needs assistance for any of a number of reasons, he or she has somewhere to turn. Those in charge of the Valdosta police and Lowndes County sheriff’s deputies often refer officers to Rotarians such as James Dominey when they recognize a need, and Dominey and others are only too happy to step in and help however they can.

Officers have received assistance for a number of reasons, including medical emergencies in their family, car accidents, a house fire, and other issues. Sometimes the needs are small and sometimes the needs are great, but one constant is the knowledge that if there is a need, there is somewhere to go to get help.

As Rotarians recognized, law-enforcement officials are there when the public needs them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s not too much to ask for the community to come out one night a year and support them at this event, and raise the funds necessary to help officers when they themselves are in need.

The fact that the Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner, tonight at the Rainwater Conference Center, is sold out is an outstanding testimony to the support officers receive from this community.

Thank you to the Rotary Club and thank you to the sponsors and attendees. It’s often said that law enforcement is a thankless job, but at least for one night, they will certainly be thanked and recognized for their service.