Valdosta Daily Times

January 18, 2013

A new legislative year

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — An historic event happened this week in Atlanta. Dexter Sharper of Valdosta was sworn into the newly created State House of Representatives District 177.

Sharper becomes the newest member and the only Democrat of the South Georgia legislative delegation, which includes state Reps. Ellis Black, Amy Carter, and Jason Shaw, as well as State Sen. Tim Golden, who are all Republicans.

We congratulate Sharper on his achievement and we wish all of our area legislators well now that the Georgia General Assembly has returned to session this week.

He and all of the state’s legislators have their work cut out for them. Georgia continues facing serious issues such as jobs, the economy, water, transportation, education, etc.

Yet, each year, some legislators introduce ridiculous legislation based on hot-button issues. These issues cause much debate, receive far too much attention, waste time and taxpayer money, and in the end, do little good for the public. The only person usually benefiting from such wasteful legislation is the legislator who introduced it.

Georgia does not need grandstanding,                      acrimonious partisanship, political dodging of issues, or premature campaigning for a next term or    a next office in either house of the General Assembly.

Georgians need serious attitudes, vigorous but constructive debate, and political courage to face the state’s challenges head on.