Valdosta Daily Times

April 24, 2014

Meet the artist

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — His prints are innovative, energetic, colorful, insightful. Like other artists, Dan Keplinger creates these images to communicate ideas and to share his vision of the world. Unlike other artists, Keplinger must use unconventional means to express himself.

He attaches a device to his head. By bending over his materials on the floor, Keplinger uses the headpiece to create his images.

Keplinger has cerebral palsy. As a result of lack of oxygen at birth, the condition has challenged Keplinger throughout his life. His life and art have been the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary. Keplinger has spent this week at Valdosta State University. VSU art faculty member Michael Smoot arranged Dan Keplinger’s visit.

Keplinger’s life and art represent a testament to perseverance, indomitable will and the power of art to change and shape lives.

Keplinger is many things. He’s done many things. He has been called many things, but he is an artist. And Valdosta is blessed to have him here.