Valdosta Daily Times

April 23, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Parents, please know that it is not the teachers who have decided that your children must take standardized tests. Most teachers find it as annoying and stressful as you do. These tests are mandated by our politicians. If you do not like these or find them too stressful, don’t complain to the teachers or schools. We feel the same way. Start writing to your representatives and state school board.

Students constantly texting during performances make VSU Theatre a less than pleasant experience.

To the gentleman coming out of Walmart behind me this past Tuesday and insinuated I was walking too slow for him. Sorry I was slow. I have cancer and had just finished a chemo treatment before going to Walmart. Some people amaze me and speak before thinking.

To the driver of the white SUV that I cut off at West Gordon and Baytree Friday morning — I am truly sorry. I was pre-occupied (not an excuse) and did not mean to cut over. I thought I was in the lane to go straight or turn — my mistake. But I appreciate your kindness of not blowing the horn at me or offering me a rude gesture. I will try to pay better attention to my lane!

Thank you to the lowlife who stole my daughter’s diaper bag from the cart at Target Friday afternoon. She just had open-heart surgery and we really needed the contents. If you get a conscience, just return it to Target.

A huge rant to anyone that thinks just because you are of the opposite sex and friendly, you “want” them. There are so many big egos that should be tiny. You should take a look at yourselves, and yes, with a magnifier, because you are not “all that!”

How can we expect anything less from nations and terrorists who hate us so much in this so-called good ole USA when we as a country hate each other so much since the very first time in history we have a president who is not the race some of us wish he wasn’t? We tend to find fault in every area of his life, be it personal or political.

The recent vote of the U.S. Senate on gun control confirms that most politicians ... know what the people they represent want and are not puppets on a string.

Yeah, boy ... the Chamber is doing a great job. Guess that’s how we got to become the third poorest city in the U.S. Kudos to them and the Industrial Authority. Hope they enjoy their new million-dollar digs.