Valdosta Daily Times

October 13, 2012

Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — THUMBS UP: To the participants of The Valdosta Daily Times Fall Yard Sale this morning. Hundreds of vendors and individuals have items for sale offering the dual bargains of people having an opportunity to earn money while shoppers can find good deals on things they want and need. The sale runs from 7 a.m.-noon today, Lowndes County Civic Center, U.S. 84.

THUMBS UP: To the Georgia High School Association for its quick handling of the cheating allegations made against Lowndes High School. The GHSA took the accusation seriously, looked into it and cleared Lowndes High School Vikings and its coaches of the cheating allegation in less than a week. The GHSA’s efficient handling of this situation allowed the region to put the accusation in the past and concentrate on the Winnersville Classic.

THUMBS DOWN: To the slow wheels of justice. The old saying goes the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine. In the Brooks County Board of Election voter-fraud case that has become known as the “Quitman 10 Plus 2,” the wheels have not only ground slowly. They seem to have stalled or maybe fallen off the track. Three school board members were suspended from the BOE until the case could be settled; time passed; the case remains unsettled; the three members returned to the board this week because nothing has happened in the case. In a nation that guarantees a speedy trial, the wheels of justice must keep moving, slow or otherwise.

THUMBS UP: To the Azalea International Folk Fair for sponsoring cultural exchange programs between South Georgia and Taiwan. A South Georgia group traveled to Taiwan this summer. Participants shared their experiences with The Times earlier this week. They returned appreciating the discipline of Taiwanese students and the hospitality of their host families. Earlier this year, several Taiwanese students and teachers visited Valdosta and Lowndes County. Let’s hope they had as many fine things to say about their South Georgia visit as our people had to say about Taiwan and its people.