October 14, 2013

Agriculture essential to south Georgia

October 14, 2013 The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Each year, Moultrie’s Spence Field hosts the annual Sunbelt Ag Exposition, the largest farm related show in the southeastern U.S.

Thousands come to view the demonstrations of the latest equipment, machinery, farming best practices and crop management, with exhibits showcasing everything from livestock to sophisticated technology.

Annually, the Farmer of the Year is recognized from one of the 11 state winners nominated.

The award is not based on farm size but rather on the management, innovative practices, environmental stewardship and dedication to the practice of farming.

The popularity of the Ag Expo is a testament once again to the importance of agriculture as an industry and an economic engine for South Georgia. Farming is not an old-fashioned ideal but a modern-day practice. Farms have adapted over time into sophisticated, technologically advanced operations, employing thousands, and contributing significantly to the bottom line of county and state governments.

Kudos to Moultrie and the Expo organizers for continuing to support agriculture in Georgia, and to all who attend each year to learn ways to improve their businesses.

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