Valdosta Daily Times

January 3, 2013

Help where help is needed

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — It never ceases to amaze how the South Georgia community comes through for those in need.

For the first-time ever this past holiday season, the Empty Stocking Fund hit the $30,000 mark.

Even with Christmas more than a week past, additional donations continue arriving. The more money raised this year means the more children the fund will help next year, according to the Salvation Army, which partners with The Valdosta Daily Times and Guardian Bank each year to bring toys to children who may otherwise not receive any gifts on Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, South Georgia’s post-Christmas giving continues as area folks have offered help to a couple who lost their house late last week. Benefits were held last weekend for the Valdosta-area couple and the Best Western Plus is accepting gift-card donations and hosting a gold-buying benefit from 1-6 p.m. Sunday to offset the couple’s losses.

As noted in today’s editions of The Valdosta Daily Times, another Valdosta family lost everything to a New Year’s Day fire this week. The family has found a place to stay but has nothing to place in it. The family’s 13-year-old son lost the gym equipment he received for Christmas.

As the community learns more of the family’s loss, South Georgia will likely respond with help and donations. In both house fires, the American Red Cross responded to the emergencies with immediate aid. A donation to the American Red Cross ensures area residents can receive help in vital emergencies.

As we leave the holidays and return to our

normal schedules and activities, we should all

remember the spirit of giving that has buoyed the past few weeks. There are people in need each day of the year, from the less-fortunate needing help to brighten a child’s life to those needing assistance as they face a traumatic situation that has altered their lives.

Within each of us is the ability, or the talent, or the strength, or the resources to help where help is needed.