Valdosta Daily Times

December 22, 2012

Sara Crow: A job well done

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — For more than 50 years, Sara Crow has been synonymous with the office of Lowndes County Clerk of Superior Court.

Come year’s end, she will retire from the office where she started working in Sept. 5, 1961 and has served as the elected superior court clerk since 1983. Lowndes County Superior Court has had only three clerks in the past 80 years and Crow worked with both of them before becoming clerk herself.

“I give so much credit and all the respect in the world to Mr. Tom Converse and Miss Louise Dickinson for training me to work and serve as superior court clerk of Lowndes County,” Crow said of her predecessors in a past interview. Crow’s successor will likely pay the same tribute to her in the future.

Still, it is hard to imagine the clerk’s office without Sara Crow. She has led the office into new eras of technology and growth. She has seen the move of the office from the historic Lowndes County Courthouse to the Judicial Complex.

Last year, when she reached her 50th year of involvement with the clerk’s office, numerous court officials paid tribute not only to her longevity but her integrity.

“Sara is, in my opinion, the living definition of a great public servant,” retired Southern Circuit Judge H. Arthur McLane said in 2011. “She demands the best from her staff, but she also demands the best from herself.”

Southern Circuit Judge Richard Cowart said at the time that he often seeks Crow’s wisdom. “She has the best run Clerk’s office and staff in the state, in my opinion,” Cowart said. “She is a wonderful woman and the citizens of Lowndes County are fortunate to have her serve as our Superior Court Clerk.”

But in the months after hitting the half-century mark, Crow felt the time had come to do something else. She opted not to seek office again.

Next week, on Dec. 31, she will officially retire.

The Times wants to thank Sara Crow for her years of service and the depth of her character for serving all of the people of Lowndes County for so long and so well.

We wish her well on all of her future endeavors and we urge the community to take a moment, too, to thank this woman who has served all of us for more than 50 years.