Valdosta Daily Times

September 4, 2013

All About Health

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Through the month of September, The Times will highlight various aspects of the medical community in the All About You feature every Wednesday.

With the medical field growing and changing rapidly, it is not easy keeping current on everything from new medicines to new procedures to new options under new laws.

Learning and understanding the labyrinth of options, treatments, services and techniques will benefit anyone faced with a diagnosis or helping a loved one make decisions about care. As medicine helps extend longevity, these decisions can become increasingly difficult with age.

Everyone is typically familiar with where to go to get their car fixed, where to shop for clothes, and choosing items at the grocery store, but when it comes to seeking help for various medical issues, the answers are not that easy to find.

Through various publications, including the monthly “Your Health Matters,” The Times seeks to address as many concerns as possible. Now, through the weekly it’s All About You feature, we hope to shine even more light on the region’s health-care options.  

Given the complexities of modern medicine, the series won’t answer all questions about all health-related issues, but it should provide answers to an array of concerns while focusing on the people who keep our community healthy.