Valdosta Daily Times

May 24, 2013

Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — THUMBS UP: To all South Georgia graduates. Congratulations on your success in completing school and best wishes on your continued success in the future.

THUMBS UP: To Valdosta State University Softball players Courtney Albritton and Morgan Johnson who received All-American honors this past week. Both players made First Team All-American honors, while Albritton also scored a Second Team All-American and Johnson was also named to Third Team All-American.

THUMBS UP: To area businesses, individuals, and charitable and relief organizations that volunteered time, talents, space and money to helping the Oklahoma regions devastated by tornadoes earlier this week. By donating money, the funds will hopefully go where they can do the most good, for items that are most needed. While well intentioned, a desire to donate clothes, furniture and other items often causes more hassles than good as people in the crippled cities have no place to store nor method to distribute these goods.  

THUMBS DOWN: To people who feel compelled to second-guess juries in these nationally televised trials. Within minutes of the jury announcing it was unable to return with a sentence of life in prison or death for Jodi Arias, numerous people began posting condemnations of the jury on social media. Most of these folks couldn’t understand how the jury could not return with an instant death penalty verdict. But what many people fail to understand is unlike following the trial on TV, the jury has not had access to Nancy Grace and other legal pundits presenting their opinions non-stop for weeks on end. People watching televised coverage have also not been asked to put to death someone sitting across the room from them for numerous hours daily for months. People can disagree with a verdict or a sentence but just because we do not agree with a jury’s verdict does not mean we should condemn the jurors.