Valdosta Daily Times

June 5, 2013

It’s all about you

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Not only are we fortunate in Lowndes County to have good law-enforcement officials, who strive to make the community a better place to live, we also are fortunate to have a strong judicial structure. From the judges to the clerks, from the attorneys to the paralegals, the system may not be perfect, but it’s effective. Just like the police, no one wants to see them until there’s an urgent need for them, and then you expect them to be there and to take care of you.

For victims of crimes, the judicial structure is essential in ensuring that they are treated with respect, tolerance, sympathy and understanding. They are essential in ensuring that the perpetrators of the crimes get arrested and convicted, and that those who are falsely accused receive vindication.

Attorneys in private practice generally make a good living, but for those who choose the public-service route, while the salaries are decent, they will never make them wealthy. The sacrifices they make to ensure the safety of the community and to see that justice is rendered fairly may cost them monetarily but not morally, as what they do is essential in our society.

For their hard work and sacrifices, this month’s It’s All About You will feature the men and women in our local judicial system. Over the next few weeks, you’ll read about judges, clerks and others who make an impact through their work. Today, you can read about our District Attorney, David Miller, who oversees 15 assistant DA’s in three offices in the Southern Judicial Circuit. With a trial prosecution rate over 80 percent and a conviction rate even higher when plea deals are factored in, we have one of the most efficient and effective DA offices in the state.

We thank them all for that they do.