Valdosta Daily Times

December 21, 2013

Don’t get flu for the holidays

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — While most are expecting to receive a gift this Christmas, no one wants the gift that keeps on giving, the flu. It’s not enough that influenza can bring down the healthiest person, but can easily be spread to any others that person comes into contact with. Given the family gatherings and the number of events that bring large groups together in close quarters over the holidays, one infected person can pass the flu on to numerous others.

It is essential to protect yourself by getting the flu vaccine.

Despite the spike in flu cases earlier than usual, the vaccine appears to be working against the strains that are active this year.

The health department, nearly all drug stores and pharmacies, and physician’s offices have flu shots still available. If you haven’t been immunized yet, you need to do so soon to avoid what is already an active season.

If you start having symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible. If you can get medication in the first 48 hours, your chances of having an easier time of it are much greater than if you ignore the symptoms and avoid seeking help for several days.

Don’t let flu sidetrack you for the holidays. Get vaccinated and protect yourself and your loved ones.