I have a comment to all the college kids in this town: If I have to slow down and watch for you as a pedestrian, you have to watch before you walk out into a street or into the roadway in a parking lot. I won't feel bad for hitting you if you aren't paying attention.

An alcoholic will drink on Sunday if we have Sunday sales or not. It is amazing to me of how may "Christians" are in this town. They will go all the way to the other side of town to buy beer or wine so nobody from their church will see them.

Yes, we do get your point. But there are businesses that need the Sunday sales to come here. Think about it.

Thank you, City Council, for finally letting the people of Valdosta vote.

That's right, you show 'em. Never go out to eat in any place that pushed for the Sunday alcohol referendum again. Make the owners tremble with fear at your narrow mindedness.

To Hahira Middle School: If you want to encourage extra curricular activities such as in-school clubs, as stated in the article published on Wednesday, Aug. 16, please re-think your new policy of having clubs meet for 20 minutes in the morning before school starts. This will effectively eliminate many kids from participation depending on what time their bus arrives. Also, 20 minutes isn't long enough for any kind of effective program.

If you wish to play pro baseball then go to www.mlb.com and email the teams requesting a tryout in your town. I did and they responded that they need more than me to show the amount of interest. Please help me go to the major leagues.

I hope the people who want the Sunday alcohol sales get it passed just to outrage the busy bodies who think that everyone should live like they do.

The water conditions at Lake Alapaha in Naylor have gotten out of control. C'mon, county commission, tell the utilities department it is time to fix the "rotten egg" water once and for all. No action disgraceful.

Hats off to the Coffee County Sheriff's Office in Douglas for asking for guidance in efficient operation of that office from the best in Georgia and possibly the nation. No, I am not an employee of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office and have no relatives employed there. I'm just a concerned citizen for good and honest law enforcement.

You college kids can instantly increase your life expectancy! How? By not looking down at your feet while you cross Patterson with a cell phone stuck in your ear.

To the beyond brilliant person who wants to celebrate their 40th birthday for seven years, here is a little history for you. VSU was given the OK to become South Georgia Normal Women's College in 1906. However, they did not begin holding classes until 1913. That is the reason for the seven year celebration.

About the citizen who made the remark about Sunday alcohol sales bringing strip clubs and homosexual bars to Valdosta: Please don't consider their statement as an example of the thinking of the whole community. A lot of people, including myself, do not support the things that person mentioned, but we are not all ignorant enough to think they have anything to do with Sunday alcohol sales.

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