Valdosta Daily Times

November 2, 2012

Maceo Antonio Horne Jr.

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Mr. Maceo Antonio Horne Jr.’s nascent advent upon the global spectrum of humanity commenced on August 10, 1926. Mr. Maceo Antonio Horne, Sr. and Mrs. Avery Horne reared their progeny, inclusive of Mrs. Katherine Lainey (Joseph), Ms. Annie Jo  Horne (decedent), Ms. Rosa Lee Horne (decedent), Mrs. Mary Lee (Rudolph) and Mrs. Betty Andrews, in their family home -nurturing them with love and affection and creating a model for positive work ethic and community and church service. Emanating from Quitman, Ga., young Maceo was taught his ancestral history of the remarkable Seven Horne Brothers who were born in the late 1800’s in Brooks County and whose parents were uniquely landowners during the 1870’s-a period of dynamic social change in our country. As a descendant of this lineage, Maceo assimilated eight core principles as most of his fellow descendants from the same genial line emulated: The first was learning the importance of acquiring spirituality. The second was attaining educational enrichment. The third was developing cultural enhancement. The fourth was formulating a philosophy for personal responsibility for stellar performance as regards positive work ethic. The fifth involved rendering positive community service. The sixth encompassed the principle of reaching forth to mentor the next person as one is blessed with personal successful endeavor during life’s sojourn. The seventh reflects the ancestral penchant for esteem-building and the social dynamic of affability and even the pragmatic penchant for preference of dignified attire with flair. The eight was appreciating the significance of owning a piece of the earth upon which one treads-hence, the value of real estate acquisition to the positive family dynamic. Mr. Maceo’s life reflected that he learned the essence of the principles propagated by the Horne Heritage & Legacy.

Mr. Maceo graduated from Brooks County High School in May 1944; he was immediately drafted into service of his country in the United States Army and stationed in Germany for the final 17 months of the Second World War. The Valdosta Daily Times, in an Article entitled, “WWII Changed Many Lives,” by Joe Dunlop, recounted that “Horne learned seven different dialects of the German language in the first four months he was stationed  there....”When you understand the language, you understand the people.” Mr. Maceo Horne conversed with pride and camaraderie oftentimes with  his cousin, Dr. Hilton Horne, Jr., MD, who shared equal dialectal prowess for the German language.

Mr. Horne graduated from Savannah State College in 1951 and married his college Sweetheart, Mrs. Cherry Williams Horne, sharing numerous years of blissful marriage; he attained his Masters Degree in Education Administration from Butler University in Indiana. Mr. Horne’s lengthy career as a Principal spanned many decades-his administrative finesse and expertise benefited Wetherington-Robinson in Brooks, County, South Street School, Leila Ellis and Southeast Elementary School. Mr. Horne culminated his remarkable education administration career as the Principal of Valdosta Junior High School upon retirement. Mr. Horne served the citizenry on the Valdosta Board of Education for 17 years. Mr. Horne served inspiringly in several community organizations holding position as Deacon at Macedonia First Baptist Church. Mr. Horne demonstrated much charitable largesse via philanthropic donations and contributions to national, state, and local charities. Mr. Horne’s beloved spouse, Mrs. Cherry  Williams Horne  mourns him as does his extensive family and the CO-descendants of the  Seven Horne Brothers, his friends, his professional colleagues, students and acquaintances; his loving siblings are aforementioned; his loving nieces and nephews; Janelle Latney, Sonya Lee, Deborah Colding, Sharon Tope, Jacqueline Horne,  Tara Wheeler, Dr. Cherry Early, Fern Harmond, Joseph W. Latney, Stephen Latney, David Latney, Maceo Latney, LeGrand Latney, Craig Lee; cousin and god daughter, Dr. R. Marie Horne, MD; and god daughter, Ariel Elizabeth Stearnes; education comrades and friends, Elizabeth H. Tiller, Ruth Council, John Everett Price and myriad  other professional colleague friends;, Robin Carter Yorke, Financial Advisor and friend’ The Biographical Scenario developed by Dr. R. Marie Horne, MD recapitulates salient aspects of Maceo Antonio Horne, Jr.’s sojourn and may the Blessed splendor that God’s Grace afforded his life be testimonial to the significance of his life and the impact of that life in inimitable service to humanity.

Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 at Macedonia First Baptist Church. The Rev. Dr. Willie J. Harris will officiate. Entombment will follow in the Riverview Memorial Cemetery.  — Harrington Funeral Home