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Rant & Raves for Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013 8:00 am | Updated: 12:11 am, Fri Sep 12, 2014.

The “sewergate” is an old crisis that has been ignored by city management and the newspaper. The issue is more taxes, last year the library and auditorium was the hype to sell the SPLOST tax; this year it is the wastewater treatment plant. The city has had 27 years of SPLOST taxes, over $270 million spent, why has the old crisis not been dealt with? A new treatment plant will not correct the numerous locations where the poorly designed system frequently overflows.

A question for other area professionals: Accounts, do you pack up your W2s and calculators to take home at the end of the day? Doctors, do you pack up your syringes and stethoscopes to take home after surgery? Educators should not be asked to pack and take home our teaching supplies.

How the Lord must have wept when His beautiful creation was soiled by human waste. How disappointed He must be when we care more about casting blame, than doing everything humanly possible to fix our problems.

Applause? Really? If the city thinks the VDT was out-of-line (kudos, by the way! Kudos to Jason!), wait until the national news gets a whiff!

I don’t live in the City of Valdosta but the business I work for is located in Valdosta. Each month the business pays a stormwater fee on our water bill. This is in addition to the regular sewer usage fee. It seems to me that all the recent sewage problems were caused by storm water. What has Valdosta been doing with this stormwater fee?

Thanks, Valdosta Daily Times staff and editors! Without you the public would have no knowledge of the severity of the problems at the Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant. Thanks for keeping us informed. Please continue to do so with this issue and others.

Another SPLOST? Can this be true? Insane. Can’t wait to vote against the money-hungry, greedy, politicians that came up with that ... again.

Run outside and tell them to turn it down? If you know them personally, fine, but if you don’t know them, call the cops. They’ll tell you the same thing: “Let us handle it.” You never know what idiots might do, especially if you are outnumbered and unarmed.

As I read the raves in the Wednesday’s edition of the VDT, I am missing all of the praise and raves for our city leader’s handling of the raw sewage spill.