Asking restaurant owners if they want to sell you alcohol on Sunday is right up there with asking the mechanic if he wants to sell you a new set of tires.

I cannot believe the parents complaining about buying school supplies. Didn't anyone here go to college? Don't you remember having to buy those expensive textbooks every semester? Be grateful you don't have to buy text books for your children. By the way, our tax dollars bought them, and the school building, the buses, the teachers, the cafeteria, the library, even the football uniforms.

Civic centers in other large cities have been allowing alcohol for years. If liability was an issue, alcohol would have been banned years ago. They have the same problems that we are having. The bar owners do not want alcohol banned at our outdated civic center, they just want to sell it on Sunday.

I would almost guarantee that the dry erase markers were for the teacher. I also had to purchase some for my child (Berrien) and was appalled at all of the other things I had to supply. It’s not enough that they ask you to send bulk supplies for your child, but now we have to send in supplies for the teachers? You’re right, where do my tax dollars go?

It sure is nice to know that my councilman knows how to vote for me. I just want to let him know that when election time rolls around, I will return the favor by knowing how to vote for him.

It’s a shame that the gas stations at Exit 16 can't price their own gas. They have to follow Danfair Express. Keep up the good work, Danfair.

To the person who complained about the pickup procedure at Moulton-Branch Elementary School: I have the perfect solution. Let your child ride the bus, and then there will be one less car in line.

I really hate to tell you all this but you can buy just as much illegal alcohol on Sunday as you can buy it legally on Saturday. I would rather it be sold legally than illegally. And think about this, if they are already selling it illegally on Sundays who are they selling it illegally to? So what would you rather happen, the legal monitored sale of alcohol or the illegal sale of alcohol to our teens.

To the ranter who wants to widen Jerry Jones: What makes you think the home owners want to sell their homes? The government won't give them what the house is worth. Find another way to get where you’re going or just stop complaining.

To the person who put in the paper about checking out the movie schedule on the Web site: What about the people like me who don’t have a computer and can’t afford a computer, who would love to know what is showing at the movie so we can go and take our grandchildren? Not everybody has a computer.

I was in a funeral procession on Sunday and cannot believe the people who would not pull over and stop their cars. They can take some lessons from VSU students who stopped and paused their game on the lawn in front of the college and the other cars that pulled over. How sad and rude. We should be able to get your tag number and report you. If you received a ticket maybe then you will respect someone.

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