Valdosta Daily Times

January 13, 2013

Man proposes through Daily Times ad

Caitlin Barker
The Valdosta Daily Times

LAKE PARK — Alex Sirmans asked Lauren Lindsey, his beautiful girlfriend of four years, to be his bride Sunday, Jan. 6.  

After contemplating how to propose, Sirmans decided there was no better way to ask her than to pop the question in an ad, inside The Valdosta Daily Times.

“I thought about doing the billboard thing but the paper seemed more interesting,” Sirmans said.

The ad read: “Lauren Lindsey Will You Marry Me?”

Prior to their four-year relationship, the lovely couple dated in the sixth grade. Sirmans moved away to North Carolina and reconnected with Lindsey after high school when he moved back to Georgia.

“We met again at Wiregrass Technical College in Quitman,” Sirmans said.

On Sunday morning, Lindsey opened The Valdosta Daily Times as a part of her normal routine. Sirmans asked her to look down and check the weather, hoping she would see his proposal.

“She didn’t notice it at first and had to do a double take,” Sirmans said.

After noticing her name and “marry me,” Lindsey began to cry and said yes.

Surrounded with love and happiness from their family and friends, Sirmans is proud of the unique way he proposed to Lindsey.

“She loved the idea. She was more than ecstatic,” Sirmans said. “She loved the ring, too.”

Although they have busy schedules this year, Lindsey working as a dental hygienist and Sirmans a full-time student at Valdosta State University, they are excited to begin their planning process.

The couple decided to get married this coming October and hope to visit New York or San Francisco for their honeymoon.