Valdosta Daily Times

July 11, 2013

City prepared for rainy streets

Quinten Plummer
The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — As moody skies conjure gray clouds and torrential rains for at least few hours each afternoon, city officials stated Wednesday that roadways have been draining efficiently and emergency crews have remained vigilant for the worst the skies have to offer.

While horizontal rains and swollen gutters can make driving dangerous and, sometimes, impossible, persistent downpours are what pose the biggest threat to Valdosta motorists, said City Public Information Officer Sementha Mathews.

“As far as the city is concerned, these are things we’re always prepared for,” said Mathews.

“We’re letting out the water in the mill pond, which will help us retain some of the water there as the rains come. We’re always prepared for something like this and we always have people on stand by. Right now, we’re making sure our equipment is ready to deploy.”

Along with the city’s proactive measures to limit waterlogged roads, citizens can help ensure gutters along Valdosta’s roadways flow free of obstructions, said Mathews.

“We’re asking citizens to secure things on their property like trash bins, lawn equipment and yard toys so that these items don’t float into a drain and cause a clog. The main thing is making sure people keep things in the garage or backyard. We want ensure our drains are flowing.”

Contact the city’s after-hours reporting line, (229) 333-1832, to spread the word if you notice felled trees, clotted drains or other roadway obstructions.