Valdosta Daily Times

September 5, 2013


Lake Park City Council weighs declaring absent seats vacant

Stuart Taylor
The Valdosta Daily Times

LAKE PARK — At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Lake Park City Council couldn’t meet due to lack of quorum. Absent from the meeting were Council members Russell Lane and Shauneen Moss. Lane last attended in April; Moss last attended in July.

A called meeting of the council has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Sept. 16, to address these absences.

“We’re having a meeting and we are declaring their seats vacant,” said Mayor Eric Schindler. “We’re sending out certified letters to them and waiting for their response. If they show up at the meeting on the 16th, then I guess their seat isn’t abandoned. But they have some explaining to do to the citizens.”

The recent lack of quorum has made it impossible for the council to vote on certain issues, such as deciding the city’s millage rate.

“The city isn’t paralyzed by any means, but we have vital work we need to do, like setting the millage rate, working on SPLOST. ... If they don’t want to serve, then they need to let the city know.”

If Moss and Lane’s seats are declared vacant then the council could appoint someone to fill these seats. With the election for City Council right around the corner, Schindler says they would search for someone who is not running.

“It would be until the end of the year. Then, whoever is elected in the next election (Nov. 5) will come in in January and we’ll have a fresh start.”

Neither Moss nor Lane qualified last week for reelection.

Lane was contacted by The Valdosta Daily Times, but declined to comment.

When contacted, Moss stated that she planned “to serve out my elected term.”