Valdosta Daily Times

November 6, 2013

Hahira mayor, Lake Park City Council too close to call

Stuart Taylor
The Valdosta Daily Times

LOWNDES — The results for the Tuesday municipal elections in Hahira, Remerton, Lake Park and Dasher are in, with some races too close to call prior to the counting of the provisional ballots and official election certification Friday, Nov. 8.

With Dasher and Remerton having no contested positions, they were not included on Tuesday's ballot. Qualifiers for the positions were automatically elected.

In Remerton, City Council At Large for Remerton is Jasen L. Tatum, Joshua Blake DeCesare and Jessica Brantley.

In Dasher, Mayor G. R. Holton continues to his next term, with Julian Q. Copeland Jr. continuing as City Council Post 1 and Donald J. Bryan continuing as City Council Post 2.

In Lake Park, incumbent Mayor Eric Schindler was re-elected with 102 (88.7 percent) votes.

Of Lake Park’s city council's five candidates, Ronald Carter received 94 votes (23.21 percent), Bert Rutland Sr. received 87 votes (21.48 percent), incumbent city council member Sandy Sherrill received 78 votes (19.26 percent), Paul Mulkey received 71 votes (17.53 percent) and incumbent David Whitfield received 67 votes (16.54 percent). With provisional votes still to be counted, it's too close to declare the full Lake Park City Council as the top four will win the seats.

In Hahira, a tough four-way mayoral race ended in a virtual dead heat, with former city council member Bruce Cain receiving 168 votes (38.89 percent) and city council member Rose Adams receiving 163 votes (37.73 percent). Incumbent mayoral candidate Wayne Bullard received 64 votes (14.81 percent) and Johnny Stalvey received 37 votes (8.56 percent).

With provisional votes still to be counted and a slim five votes separating Adams and Cain, it's too close yet to declare Hahira's new mayor.

“We both worked very hard,” said Rose Adams. “Undoubtedly, he was able to get his people out to the polls.”

Cain could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

For Hahira City Council, City Council District 1 was won by Terry Benjamin with 91 votes (97.85 percent), City Council District 4 went to H. Mason Barfield, with 109 votes (98.2 percent), and Kenneth Davis won the City Council District 2 seat with 110 votes (85.27 percent).